World leading authorities steeped in scientific excellence.

Dr Steven Chance (CEO & Co-founder) was Associate Professor in Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Oxford. He has 20 years combined pathology and neuroscience experience researching the microscopic basis of brain disease. He is a world authority on the cortical disarray in dementia that is measured by the CDM technology. He taught Medicine at Corpus Christi College and Human Sciences at Wadham College.

Professor Mark Jenkinson (Co-Founder) is at the University of Oxford and is one of the architects of the world’s leading MRI analysis software suite (FSL). He is one of the highest cited MRI authors globally and is editor of a new series of books on MR imaging. 

Based at University of Oxford and combining their expertise these two world class scientists collaborated to develop CDM technology.


Today, this breakthrough technology provides a measure of brain degradation in life, for dementia patients, which previously could only be analysed at post-mortem.