Internship vacancy (open)

Social Media Marketing Executive – Commercial Department.

Employment status:
Voluntary, Short Term (3 months)



Company Background:

Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of dementia and is a global challenge for a world of ageing populations and rising healthcare costs. Worldwide there are an estimated 50 million dementia sufferers, with 10 million new cases annually. Dementia has been the leading cause of death in England and Wales since 2015 and is a growing burden on economies around the world with the number of people suffering from dementia increasing every year – expected to reach 75 million in 2030 and 152 million in 2050.

There are no effective drugs or treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease; billions of dollars have been spent on research and clinical trials but so far without success. A fundamental reason why it has proven so difficult to develop new treatments, is that it has not been possible to accurately diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease in the early stages or measure its progression in patients. This means that it is almost impossible for pharmaceutical companies to accurately assess new drugs or treatments. In a clinical setting, a definitive diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease is not available.

This leads to uncertainty and misallocation of support services, and unnecessary worry for patients who will actually never progress to having symptoms more serious than subjective memory concerns.

Oxford Brain Diagnostics Ltd (OBD) is a spinout company from the University of Oxford that is developing diagnostic tools to enable early detection of disease, track progression, and support differential diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease using MRI brain scan data.

An 8-year collaboration between Dr Steven Chance (CEO) and Professor Mark Jenkinson (brain imaging) resulted in the development of the Cortical Disarray Measurement (CDM®). This is our core platform technology, initially applied to the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease but with the potential to be used to identify other brain conditions as the company grows and expands into new markets (early results already show promise for multiple sclerosis and mild traumatic brain injury).

The patent-protected ‘Cortical Disarray Measurement’ (CDM®) is a software-based technology that is designed to identify changes in the brain at a cellular level, to enable sensitive and accurate assessment of the neurodegeneration associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Oxford Brain Diagnostics’ CDM software device will support drug development and aid clinicians around the world in their fight to defeat Alzheimer’s disease. The CDM software device was awarded Breakthrough Device designation by the FDA in August 2020.


Role Opportunity:

An exciting new role has been created to support a three-month period as OBD begins the next growth phase in its journey towards clinical and regulatory acceptance in key markets. We plan to embark on a number of key strategic expansion plans. The company has recognised that social media, marketing noise generated by thought leaders, disease content generation and vital clinical and scientific research ideas have a huge value in being shared globally across OBD customers, partners and stakeholders.

We have to be very smart with innovative platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and how we leverage our knowledge. This requires consistent, meaningful and relevant content to be communicated on a more frequent basis but more importantly – in a way that creates followers, social media hits, conversations and generates leads for follow up.


Role Business Impact:

This role, in conjunction with the OBD management team, will have a direct impact on the value of OBD brand equity. The successful candidate will gain direct access to the C-Suite management team, work in collaboration with unlocking scientific material of value and communicating OBD value propositions and positioning in line with our core messages.

The candidate will also be actively involved in, and have a voice, in the future development/upgrade of OBD website changes along with an upgrade of our corporate identity.


Duties/Projects to deliver:

Active Involvement in OBD social media noise levels and actively engage with Dementia/Neurological organisations to establish connections, share content and track conversations. The three main tools used within OBD systems for raising brand awareness are LinkedIn, Twitter and OBD website currently. Consideration will be given for other social media platforms like YouTube. The main objective today for OBD is to increase its brand awareness, increase the total number of social media followers, and play an active role as a voice of cutting-edge innovation in Alzheimer’s neuropathology and neurodegeneration.


Duties/Projects to deliver:
  1. The candidate will be responsible for uploading Disease content updates, AD thought leadership generated by OBD senior staff and Key trends/issues in the management of the diseases.
  2. The candidate will also be responsible for suggesting/making improved changes (subject to management approval) to how we increase our noise levels in social media, recommend and leverage industry/charitable AD campaigns.
  3. Exploration of innovative new platforms like YouTube video, video animations to clearly communicate the core OBD messaging is also an important task.
  4. Introduce weekly campaigns with OBD staff to ensure we have sufficient momentum. The Candidate will also actively follow key stakeholder noise levels and report back to management on a weekly basis of latest news, updates and connections to follow appropriately.
  5. The Candidate will also support OBD forthcoming events and materials that maybe needed to  increase brand awareness e.g., AAIC, CTAD, AD/PD.
  6. OBD will provide access to the social media tools in a reasonable and secure manner to ensure proper usage of the tools. Any content generated for social media channels will always be approved by CEO, CCO.
  7. Support administratively and track key actions on meetings with CCO and OBD staff as part of the new brand/communications project commissioned with and external communications agency.

Other Duties – OBD is willing to accommodate and be flexible on some of these duties as the work priorities will be established by CEO, CCO.

  1. From time to time, the candidate will be required to provide administrative and operational support on all OBD Sales & Marketing materials ready for distribution to global market.

The candidate will be required to sign OBD internship contract.


Candidate requirements:
  • Candidate will possess the confidence, maturity and social medica expertise to openly make recommendations to the management team about achieving maximum impact of the brand and the core messages.
  • Intermediate/Advanced use of Graphics, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, Excel.
  • Creative idea generation, Innovative in thought.
  • Undergraduate discipline is a requirement but a genuine interest and passion in Social media, Marketing, Media, Communications is a real plus.
  • Strong appreciation of and understanding of scientific research, Dementia, Alzheimer’s and/or other neurological disorders is an advantage and desirable.
  • Web development/IT Skills and familiarity with Web provider platforms like – Intermediate/Advanced. We do not expect the candidate to be an expert in web languages or write code for this role. If you have it, it might help!
  • A keen interest in sales, marketing tools and techniques.


Directly reporting to the Chief Commercial Officer.

We are open to discussing the working hours/times and will consider the candidate circumstances.

There will be plenty of opportunitiy to work with, and expose the candidate to, other members of the team.




Mr Omar Ehsan
Chief Commercial Officer