Professor Philips Scheltens
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August 2021 - We recently had the honour of hosting Professor Philip Scheltens, MD, PhD as part of the Oxford Brain Diagnostics guest speaker series; he is Professor of Cognitive Neurology and director of the Alzheimer Centre Amsterdam. Professor Scheltens provided valuable insights on the pathway to precision medicine in Alzheimer’s disease, gave his thoughts on the launch of a new class of anti-amyloid drug treatments, and shared his expertise with our team in a Q&A session. 

Ass. Professor Renaud La Joie
Professor Giovanni Frisoni
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OBD wins funding to test Alzheimer’s diagnostic in NHS

May 2021 - We recently had the honour of hosting Renaud La Joie, Assistant Professor in Residence at UCSF, as part of the Oxford Brain Diagnostics guest speaker series. Renaud shared his work showing how Alzheimer’s brain pathology and disease progression are related to various factors such as patient age of onset, clinical syndrome, and APOE. Check out the video above for a clip of the talk, and visit our YouTube channel to access the full length version. 

May 2021 - Professor Frisoni described how he and his team created a strategic roadmap for developing Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers and discussed how it could be used with Oxford Brain Diagnostics. Click the link (above) to check out the video of the talk using our YouTube channel. Watch out for more videos/discussions in the series to come.

April 2021 - Today we’re excited to announce that Oxford Brain Diagnostics has been awarded a grant of more than £1.4m by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) to test our technology in the NHS. We’re thrilled to conduct this multi-centre project with exceptional partners to assess Cortical Disarray Measurement’s ability to diagnose mild cognitive impairment and deliver positive health economic outcomes.


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Feb 2021 - Japan remains a vital dementia market for Oxford Brain Diagnositics. We are very pleased to announce the JP Patent behind our Cortical Disarray Measurement (CDM) technology has now been granted.


This news reinforces our commitment to work with the Alzheimer's community in Japan as we move forward to establish long term partnerships and collaborations.  

Jan 2021 -Oxford Brain Diagnostics takes another important step towards the goal of defeating Dementia. The US Patent behind our Cortical Disarray Measurement (CDM) technology has now been granted. Protection of our unique technology enables us to develop best in class products in the future to support the fight against Alzheimer's and hopefully other neurological disorders.


XPro1595 KOL Event

21 Jan 2021 - Phase 1b Trial

Jan 2021 - Thank you to INmune Bio Inc. Team -Christopher (CJ) Barnum PhDRJ Tesi and David Moss for inviting our CEO Dr Steven Chance to XPro1595 Webinar on Expanded Phase 1b Data in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease.


Neuroinflammation remains a very exciting and promising area of exploration in assessing the role it has to play in Alzheimer patients. We look forward to providing continued support and insights into your journey for the next phase.

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Sept 2020 - We are proud and very excited to announce that Oxford Brain Diagnostics has been awarded FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for our technology. This is a major step forward to support our efforts in helping clinicians, patients and pharmaceutical companies with tracking and predicting Alzheimer's disease.

Sept 2020 - Oxford Brain Diagnostics is excited to announce that we have been shortlisted as finalists to the 12th Annual OBN Awards, the most highly regarded awards event in the life sciences industry. Our category is the Best Start-up Medtech Company. 

Jul 2020 - AAIC - Dr Steven Chance & Dr Mario Torso present three key results using CDM technology - the relationship between amyloid beta accumulation and cortical architectural change, the impact of sex in whole brain cortical changes in an asymptomatic population, and the classification power of our novel cortical diffusion measurements.

The Spinoff Prize_Finalist 2020_2_Whitne
Assessing CDM® measures in grey matter micro structure in AD Patients for Takeda Pharmaceuticals
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June 2020 - Oxford Brain Diagnostics selected as finalists by Nature Research and Merck KGaA. The Spinoff Prize celebrates excellence in original science, innovative application, and business strategy.  As a finalist, OBD and our technology, Cortical Disarray Measurement (CDM®), were featured in a recent issue of Nature.

June 2020 - Oxford Brain Diagnostics selected as finalists by Nature Research and Merck KGaA. The Spinoff Prize has been established by Nature Research in partnership with Merck KGaA to showcase and celebrate global excellence in the commercialisation of research through the creation of spinoff companies.

April 2020 -  Oxford Brain Diagnostics has started a project for Takeda Pharmaceuticals. The Project is testing Cortical Disarray Measurement (CDM) technology as a neurodegeneration biomarker with a view to using it in future clinical trials.


Feb 2020 - Oxford companies spun out of OUI are helping restore sight, and tackle two of the biggest killers of our time.


Jan 2020 - Oxford Brain Diagnostics is offically registered with A collaborative platform designed to deliver research projects to Pharma/Biotech sector.

Feb 2020 - Dr Steven Chance and Dr Mario Torso co-authored a paper investigating mTBI and CTE as a risk factor for the later development  of neurodegenerative diseases. The findings suggest an association linking blast injury, tauopathy and neurodegeneration.


Dec 2019 - Dr Steven Chance, Chief Executive Officer and Omar Ehsan, Chief Commercial Officer, present results at CTAD 2019 -  Diagnostics accuracy of whole brain cortical DTI changes measured in Alzheimer's. 

Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
National Hospitals Network of Japan
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Jan 2020 - Dr Steven Chance, Chief Executive Officer, is invited back to Japan by NHO Neurology Research Group to speak on the role of CDM as a potential clinical tool for the detection of dementia.


Nov 2019 - Oxford Brain Diagnostics is proud to become a member of the CPAD Initiative. This consortium works with industry, regulatory authorities, and patient advocacy organisations to advance Drug Development Tools (DDTs) for evaluating drug efficacy and safety, to optimise novel clinical trial designs, and aggregating anonymized patient-level data using CDISC consensus standards to facilitate the regulatory review process.

Oct 2019 - Dr Steven Chance, Chief Executive Officer, is invited by OCCI to speak at Global Innovation Forum.

Sept 2019 - Researchers hunt for new dementia detection methods. Oxford Brain Diagnostics cited in FT Dementia supplement. 

Sept 2019 - Ian Hardingham, Chief Technology Officer is invited to speak and provide his insights into the role of AI in Diagnostics and brain health analytics.


Sept 2019 - Dr Steven Chance, Chief Executive Officer, is invited to speak (11th Sept) on the challenges of Healthy Ageing facing healthcare providers in the next 30 years. 

Press Release

7 August 2019


Sept 2019 - Omar Ehsan, Chief Commercial Officer is invited by SETSQUARED at NHS Expo 2019. Looking forward to seeing the latest viewpoints on National Ageing affecting this global challenge. 

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Aug 2019 - The Oxford Trust, Head to Head with Dr Steven Chance at Oxford Brain Diagnostics,

Jul 2019 - AAIC - Dr Steven Chance & Dr Mario Torso present two key results using CDM technology - classifying FTD with machine learning and Differentiating Taupathies to investigate cortical architecture.

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May 2019 - Oxford Brian Diagnostics is selected by Department for International Trade to visit Bio 2019 and showcase their diagnostics tool - Cortical Disarray Measurement (CDM).

Apr 2019 - Oxford Brain Diagnostics moves into the heart of Oxford Town centre. We are now located at Oxford Centre for Innovation. 

Dr Steven Chance is invited to speak about research findings in Alzheimer's using Cortical Disarray Measurement (CDM) and some key applications in industry.