Andrew Barker


Andrew is the Chairman of Oxford Brain Diagnostics. He is an experienced company director and investor in early stage companies; he has worked with several successful medical technology start-ups and is currently also the Chairman of Brainomix and a Director of Intelligent Ultrasound. He was involved in the early stages of Internet computing in Silicon Valley and later worked to build Intel’s UK venture arm. Andrew has an MBA from the Wharton School.


Ian Hardingham

Chief Technology Officer

Ian is Chief Technology Officer at Oxford Brain Diagnostics. Ian is a highly accomplished software systems designer and engineer.  He co-founded Oxford-based Mode 7, a renowned and disruptive company in the online gaming space.  He has also designed and developed software for high profile clients such as the BBC and Sky.  Ian has a long history of using cutting-edge technology to create innovative solutions in a wide range of areas.


Dr Daniel A. Kaute

Business Development Advisor

Daniel’s specialty is high tech commercialization strategy and implementation. Daniel is currently Managing Director for MedX in Europe, where he is responsible for setting up strategic partnerships for the commercialization of a unique skin imaging technology with a software as a service and telemedicine approach. He is working with innovation leaders in key European markets such as France, Germany, Holland and the UK. 


Dr Mario Torso

Senior Scientist

Mario is a Senior Scientist at Oxford Brain Diagnostics. After a number years working as postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oxford he now provides analytical and scientific insights into the delivery of the CDM service. His research focuses mainly on combining clinical, neuropsychological and MRI data. In 2014 He obtained a Ph.D. degree in Neuropsychology from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Rome.


Dr Steven Chance

Chief Executive Officer

Steven is the CEO & Co-founder of Oxford Brain Diagnostics. Previously he was Associate Professor in Neuroscience at the University of Oxford with 20 years experience researching the microscopic basis of brain disease, particularly Alzheimer’s disease. He is a world authority on the cortical disarray in dementia that is measured by the CDM technology.


Jamie Hardwidge

Junior Software Engineer/Data Scientist

Jamie is a Junior Software Engineer and Data Scientist at Oxford Brain Diagnostics. After studying Medical Engineering at Cardiff University and specialising in Neuro-Technology with an MSc at Imperial College London he has gained experience working within the healthcare technology space before joining the team.


Terry Pollard

Chief Operating Officer

Terry is the Chief Operating Officer at Oxford Brain Diagnostics. He has worked with several Oxford University spin-out companies, with experience in business development and project management roles. He has provided hands-on consulting support to entrepreneurs bringing medical devices to market and delivered on strategic projects for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). He has extensive experience working with patent agents to protect early-stage intellectual property. He originally studied physics and has an MBA.


Dimitra Tzaferou

Imaging Analyst

Dimitra is an Image Analyst at Oxford Brain Diagnostics. She is a graduate in Applied Neuropsychology from the University of Bristol, UK and possesses a BSc(Hons) in Biology from University of Crete. Before joining the team, she worked as a research assistant at University of Gothenburg where she focused on multimodal image analysis of dementia.


Omar Ehsan

Chief Commercial Officer

Omar is Chief Commercial officer at Oxford Brain Diagnostics. He has supported and serviced the healthcare sector for 22 years working for IQIVIA and Ipsos Healthcare.  With an international background in sales, marketing, operations, and general management, he brings a deep understanding of the healthcare sector.  He holds an MBA from CASS Business School, London.


Prof. Mark Jenkinson


Mark is a Professor of Neuroimaging at the University of Oxford and is one of the architects of the world’s leading MRI analysis software suite. He is one of the highest cited MRI authors globally and is editor of a new series of books on MR imaging. Mark is a co-founder of Oxford Brain Diagnostics.


Ged Ridgway

Chief Scientific Officer

Ged is the Chief Scientific Officer at Oxford Brain Diagnostics. Before this, he was the Head of Imaging Science at Perspectum (an Oxford spin-out focused on MRI of liver disease). Ged obtained an MEng from Cambridge and a PhD from UCL, then worked as a research fellow at UCL and Oxford. 


Michele Valotti

Junior Software Engineer/Data Scientist

Michele is a Junior Software Engineer and Data Scientist at Oxford Brain Diagnostics. He graduated with an MPhys in Physics from Durham University where he has also interned as a Computer Vision Software Engineer. Before joining Oxford Brain Diagnostics he developed predictive algorithms for commercial clients at the Boston Consulting Group in Milan.