Senior Software Engineer

Employment status:
Full time.


Company Background:

We are Oxford Brain Diagnostics (OBD), and we are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join us on our mission to deliver a leap forward in the early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia, so that we can support the development of new drugs and treatments and improve the care of patients around the world.  

 Dementia is one of the biggest killers in the globe, and OBD is a young VC backed Oxford University spin-out company formed to attack this challenge head on. We are working at the cutting edge, building upon the world-leading research of our two academic founders at Oxford University, and we intend to stay there.  


What will you be doing:
  • Applying yourself to developing cutting edge medical imaging techniques
  • Working with our mature Python/Django codebase
  • Working with machine learning concepts to develop existing and new medical image analysis technologies.
  • Working with our regulatory team to aid our software in being compliant with regulatory and quality requirements.
  • Experience working within ISO 13485, 27001, 9001
  • 4+ years' programming experience with a mainstream development stack
  • Experience with Python
Useful skills & experience:
  • Experience working under regulatory (FDA, CE, Japan) processes.
  • Experience working on an SaMD that has regulatory (FDA, CE, Japan) certification.
  • Django
  • Medical Imaging
  • Machine Learning

There will be plenty of opportunitiy to work with, and expose the candidate to, other members of the OBD team.

To learn more about this role; please contact our hiring agency below:


Graham Bruce, Director | Corriculo

07733 017 601